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Monday, December 17, 2012


Why do you make Music and what does it mean for you?  

I’m making music to share different stuff from the mainstream and to push the limits of emotions as much as I can to bring shivers, tenderness, joy, sensualities, peaceful feelings and…. the hope, more hope for everybody !

What’s your favourite artist and song? 

Too many songs are importants for me but my favourite artist is without any doubt Ryuichi Sakamoto 

What genres and artists did influence your music?  

Many artists in a very subtile way because all forms of arts and beauties in my conception are an influence for my music. I prefer mentioning specific songs like The needle and the damage done by Neil Young as Le Fou by Sugizo for example, or The carnival is over by Dead can Dance. My taste in music are too wide. Regarding the style of music, I’m a children of 80’s, synthpop, new wave, movie soundtracks, english and french punk/gothic and more was very influents on me, with time I became very attracted by abstract hip-hop too. I think it’s the most innovative style today and finally since many years.

How much the live element matters in your Music?  
Composed on piano with my super “mind orchestra”, After all of that: finalizing on pc 

What do you think about Music industry nowdays? 
Don’t wanna talk about that, I’m an independant artist for the moment and it’s perfect,  

What is the message that you’d like to express at the people Who listen to your Music? 
Just a big thanks and if you feel just one of the emotions I mentionned in the first question, I’m the happiest man in this world.  

Who do you think are the most relevant musicians nowdays? 
Since two years I wanted to keep it secret but it’s time to mention Holy Other. And a huge respect for Taquwami because his music is a perfect breath of hope !

What is your favourite book and movie? 
Book: Confessions of a mask, movie: Max et Jeremy 

How and where do you see yourself in ten years from now? 
No idea, only the present, always the present, life is fragile and precious. 

Beatles or Rolling Stones?

Beatles forever 

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