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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Plastic Flowers

Plastic Flowers

Who are you?

We are Plastic Flowers, a lo-fi pop duo based in SKG, Greece.

Why do you make Music and what does it mean for you?

It’s all about balance. It helps to express ourselves and be creative.

Where and when did you start learn to play?

About three or four years ago when I started scratching a guitar and suddenly it all made sense. I bought some synths and cheap drum machines and Plastic Flowers were born.

What’s your favorite artist and song?
That’s a tough one but I go with Joy Division’s Disorder.

What genres and artists did influence your music?

Multiple genres but if I had to choose the three most influential artists: The Notwist, Aphex Twin and Radiohead.

How much the live element matters in your Music?

Not much. We always find ways to perform live, but at the same time we make our tracks sound much different than the original studio versions.

What do you think about Music industry nowadays?

Things have to change, that’s for sure. However the internet is still musician’s best friend so no worries. Anyone can find a way.
Plastic Flowers

What is the message that you’d like to express at the people Who listen to your Music?
Plastic flowers last longer than real ones.

Who do you think are the most relevant musicians nowadays?
Too many to mention.

What is your favorite book and movie?
Lost Highway (David Lynch) and The Manual of the Warrior of the Light (Paulo Coelho).

How and where do you see yourself in ten years from now?
Far away from Greece for sure.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?

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