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Monday, December 24, 2012

Inspired and the sleep

Inspired and the Sleep- Running from Inspired and the Sleep on Vimeo.
Inspired and the Sleep

Who are you?
Max Greenhalgh or my alias, The Eyelid Kid.
I live in San Diego, CA.
My day job is working as a beach lifeguard.
I’m a part time student at an irrelevant college.

Why do you make Music and what does it mean for you?
Music serves as a purpose and way of life.
Everything I do resolves around creating music in one way or another.
At times at exacts as an escape from anxiety and depressing realities.

Where and when did you start learn to play?
I started playing bass in middle school, took a few lessons before studying by myself.
In high school I started writing songs and playing bass in a few bands.

What’s your favourite artist and song?
Oof. tough.
Right now I’m obsessed with the Canadian pianist: Patrick Watson
His song “Bright Shiny Lights” is most definitely a favorite as of late.

What genres and artists did influence your music?
Playing bass I got quite into learning a bunch of soul and funk music.
When it comes to learning covers on bass those genres are usually the most fitting cause the basslines are so fat and the melodies are great.
Sam Cooke and Al Green are huge influences singing
As far as newer music goes, Dirty Projectors were a huge influence.
Learning Patrick Watson covers on piano has been super helpful as well.
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How much the live element matters in your Music?
It all translates back to the live show. If you’re an artist that should be a priority.
Of this album we just released, we’ll only be playing a few songs of it live cause we’ve written a bunch of new material that’s more fitting for the live setting.

What do you think about Music industry nowdays?
Making money with recorded music has plummeted except for licensing on TV, movies, etc.
This is one reason the live show is so important.
Then again the internet has opened up many opportunities for underground musicians to get heard worldwide instantly.
In all I think the truly unique and genuine music we’ll naturally expand itself when exposed online.

What is the message that you’d like to express at the people Who listen to your Music?
To accept the polarity of life as it comes.
The good with the bad. The light with the dark. The inspired with the sleep per say.

Who do you think are the most relevant musicians nowdays?
I think the artists that carry a strong defining image in their music are the ones that can communicate the most to an audience in their music. Not by a press photo or their style, but the actual image within the music itself.
Although I’m not much of a fan, Lana Del Rey is a perfect example of this. Dirty Gold makes you feel like your sipping pina coladas out of a coconut.

What is your favourite book and movie?
Favorite moive: The Big Lebowski, The favorite book (at the time): Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut

How and where do you see yourself in ten years from now?
In ten years I hope I have found a medium of happiness and purpose in my ventures.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Beatles hands down.


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