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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Eoaghan Reid aka REID

-Who are you?
My name is Eoghan Reid and I'm a producer from Ireland.

- Why did you choose this pseudonym?
 It's my surname and what all my friends have called me since I was young, I wanted to just use my name instead of something I would possibly get sick of down the line.

-Why do you make music and what does it mean for you?
I've always been interested in creating music and I played quite a few different instruments while growing up. I was never happy with learning other people music though, I just wanted to make my own. That's how I got into producing. Its cool to just be able to create your own song from start to finish and be able to call it your own.

-Your song “Genesis “is simply amazing. What’s the story behind it?
That's actually the first song I ever wrote under the name REID. There is no real story behind it, It was just the first thing I wrote with the intention of putting it out there. It kind of molded my sound which is still evident in my newer material today.

- Talking about your tracks ,what is your favourite?
Probably have to go with Diptera, I never get sick of playing that one live.

- How would you define your sound?
I can never answer this question with a proper answer. All I can really say is that it's electronic, some of it is dancey, other stuff is more beat based and some tracks are in the middle somewhere. I just try and keep my sound as organic as possible and make sure it makes you feel something.

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-What genres and artists influenced your music the most?
Post-Rock and Ambient would be 2 of my biggest influences, but I listen to a lot of House and Dance music. Four Tet, Daedelus and Flying Lotus are big inspirations for me personally.

-You come from Ireland. What do you think about the music coming from your country and how how do you see yourself in relation to them?
Ireland is thriving at the moment musically. Artists like Solar Bears, MMOTHS and WIFE are gaining huge attention international and a lot of new acts are starting to make names for themselves. It's a great time to a musician in Ireland as their is a lot of attention on the Irish music scene at the moment.

-What's your favourite artist and song?
This constantly changes, at the moment I can't stop listening to Natalia's Song by Zomby and Rearc.

-Who do you think are the most relevant musicians nowadays and who are you listening to the most?
In electronic music, at the moment it's gotta be Four Tet. He only puts out gold, whether its originals, remixes or collabs, everything he puts out is genius.

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-How much does the live element matter in your music?
Live is just as important as recorded work for me. I don't like the whole hide behind a laptop method of performance which you see with a lot of producers. The live show should be big, and needs to be engaging.
-If you could pick an artist or a band to play with on a stage, who would you choose?
I'd love to jam with HEALTH for a live show. That would be nuts.

-What do you think about the music industry nowadays?
It's a weird time to be involved in music with the way the music industry has gone. The internet has changed the way music is released and has given artists a lot more opportunities. You can reach millions of people though the web and can self releasing using sites like Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

-What is the message that you'd like to express to the people who listen to your music?
Thank you so much, it means a lot to me to know people enjoy the music I make. Makes me excited to put out new material.

-What is your favourite book and movie?
Not much of a reader, favourite movie is Fight Club.

-How and where do you see yourself in ten years from now?
Hopefully still making music and getting to travel the world with it.

-Pc or Mac?

-Beatles or Rolling Stones?

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