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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Deptford Goth

There are nights where I am completely alone. My cat is usually asleep across the other side of the room. I find it hard to switch off. I find this the best time to listen to music. Sometimes I feel as though there are a million other people with me. There’s this feeling of inclusiveness. That there are other people who think the same way, probably doing very similar things to me. I get this when I listen to Deptford Goth. In particular his track ‘Union

I belong with everyone, everyone I've ever known
I belong with everyone, everyone I've ever known is here,
With me.”

I’m certain that this really isn’t the message of DG. But what I often see with beautifully sad music, is a community of appreciation. There are those other people who recognise the beauty, no matter how depressing. And it’s this that fills me with warmth.

If I believe in nothing
Then nothing is gonna get me”

(from ‘People Get Still’)

Deptford Goth

This might sound bleak,. Most people would dismiss it as depressing, but how can music so beautiful be truly depressing? It makes me happy that people can produce things like this. And I’m not alone in thinking this. The people who make the music and the people who listen often feel the same. Isn’t that a nice thing to be part of?


                                          Jeremy Arblaster  aka Secret Diaries

                                                                                   Indie's Way Magazine UK

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