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Saturday, February 15, 2014

#NEWS - AbrAx & Ben Benecke | Across The Pond EP [Basslight Records]

Basslight Records is proud to present the highly anticipated 3 track 'Across The Pond' EP from UK based producer AbrAx and his US based counterpart Ben Benecke.
‘Across The Pond’ features a definite and individual style, with crossovers of Future Garage and Chillstep / Post-Dubstep. The EP carries a subtle chill-out vibe throughout, focussing more on musicality and ambience rather than creating ‘club tracks’. 

The aptly titled ‘Across The Pond’ EP represents both sides of the atlantic with UK based AbrAx and US based Ben Benecke both delivering A game production and their signature sounds on the mix. Ben Benecke brings his production knowledge and glitchy sounds whilst AbrAx demonstrates his ability with rhythms and drums, and together it makes for something quite special.

'Across The Pond' is available now for just £1.49 via the Basslight Records Bandcamp page:

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