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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I am Thomas Wesenlund, A 16 year old hipster student out of Porsgrunn, Norway. I write music, play the guitar and I love to take photographs. 

- Why did you choose this pseudonym?

I have always loved role playing games, so when I found out that in one of the games I played back in the day (don't remember which one) the ancient Rome spears were called Hastas. I just fell in love with the name and I knew I had to use this as my pseudonym. 

- You are very young. When did you start to play this music?

Well for me music has always been a part of my life of some sort. I started playing the guitar when I was about 8 years old and started producing electronic music when I was around 13 years old. I only recently started making Chillwave/Trap, or whatever you wanna call it.

- How would you define your sound?

I am not trying to produce one genre only. Like I wanna explore and experiment with my sound a bit more before I go to ''that'' sound, the one you stick with. But if I had to, I'd say ''Future Bass'' with elements from ''Alternative'' and ''Indie''.

-You've got quite an eclectic personality for your age.
your music goes through lots of genres.
In the song “ First Time” you put yourself into an hip hop context. What do you think about this?

I think it's great to blend genres and mix things around. Like I said, I am not trying to produce like one genre only. I make what I feel like making. It could be Indie music one day and Garage/Deep House the other. It's hard to tell what I am going to make next.
-Talking about your passions like photography. There's a relation with your music?

Yeah, I defiantly love taking photographs. Influenced by minimalism, and the ''Black/White'' theme going on right now is part of the whole atmosphere. I love combining art and music. Makes for a great experience, which I am all about.

-What genres and artists influenced your music the most?

When I was a kid I always listened to Metallica, Iron Maiden. and those kinds of bands. While getting older the whole EDM factor kind of grew on me, and then came my ''Drum & Bass' era. I really just love the tension of drum & bass music! To make this summery short. Pink Floyd is my everything, there wouldn't have been Hasta without Pink Floyd. Im pretty much influenced by them in every possible way. I listen to everything from Classical to Death Metal. The music I make will always change. To be honest, that's how I like it. Imagine making the same shit all day, everyday. pretty boring.

-You come from Norway. What do you think about the music coming from the north of the Europe and how do you see yourself in relation to them?

The music scene here in Norway is not the biggest one, I can tell you that. It's pretty hard to evolve here unless you know people (Luckily we have options like SoundCloud, Youtube etc to share music on). Of-course we do have some amazing producers like Trippy Turtle, Röyksopp, Cashmere Cat, AutoLaser, Slick Shoota etc.  

-What's your favourite artist and song?

Well... This is hard... Pink Floyd - Any Colour You Like :-) This is a tune I could listen to all day! The tune holds so much emotions. I get goosebumps every time.

-Who do you think are the most relevant musicians nowadays and who are you listening to the most?

Need more dubstep producers (not really)...Haha! Well... I think that the Brits are doing a fine job with their music and all! thumbs up to Rudimental, AlunaGeorge & Disclosure to name a few. I have been listening to a lot of Disclosure, as well as Panama and London Grammar! And I always listen to Pink Floyd and Jamiroquai before going to bed. Cashmere Cat and the Pelican Fly crew they are all real great producers! 

-If you could pick an artist or a band to play with on a stage, who would you choose?

That's a though one, I'd have to say something in between Disclosure and The xx. And I would really like to play with Cashmere Cat or Canblaster on stage! they are such brilliant producers!

-What do you think about the music industry nowadays?

I think it's crap. And I think that musicians don't earn the respect they deserve! At the end of the day ''Money'' kills ''Passion''. Sad... : (

-What is the message that you'd like to express to the people who listen to your music?

I have no sentence to describe my gratitude for all the support you guys have been giving me. I almost start to cry every time I think about it. And I could never have done what I do now without your guys help. Thank you so much, every single one of you! Much, much love!

-Pc or Mac?

Mac!! :D

-What about your future plans?

Do the things I do best! enjoy life, produce music, and probably play some gigs here and there! :-) 

-Beatles or Rolling Stones?

Rolling Stones for sure! :-)

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