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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Keaton Henson

Most of us find ourselves searching for meaning in the things we love. It’s in our nature. We make sense of things that are completely random. We often look to music, art, film, television, literature and other mediums to make us ‘think’. And we interpret things differently. There are always discussions on what the artist is saying, just look at any site with song lyrics listed and you’ll find a variety of interpretations for each and every song.

Keaton Henson, though relatively new, is a balladeer who has managed to capture just about every soul who has heard his heartfelt lyrics. What he seems to do differently is perhaps one of the best and worst things about interpreting music. He makes me think about the things that I have done. The things that I have felt.

Does he know… who you are?
Does he laugh…just to know
What he has?

I’m not wondering where his heartache has come from, but how his lyrics so perfectly capture the emotions and feelings that I myself have felt so often. It’s uncomfortable. But I like to think that listening to his music acts much the same way as therapy. Confronting these emotions, these problems that we all encounter, can often lead to dealing with them more effectively. In this way, perhaps listening to Keaton Henson, and attributing his lyrics to the situations I’ve been in, is in some way therapeutic. It’s hard at times, but so very worth it.

Does he know when you’re sad?
You don’t like to be touched,
Let alone kissed.

Does he know where your lips begin?

His album Birthdays is out now
Download ‘You’ for free here…

Jeremy Arblaster

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